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Monica Maxwell ProfileMonica Maxwell

My love of drawing began when I was in middle school—my first works being those of recreation or imitation, taking inspiration from what was in front of me. In high school, I began to hone those skills by studying with various artists in the Columbus, Ohio area.

While pursuing a Bachelor of Architecture degree from the University of Cincinnati, I completed coursework in the field of art and design and continued to create on my own while starting my professional career as an interior designer.

As the years passed from my time spent in school art classes, recreating images from the world around me, abstract art became the medium of expression I love most—to paint for the joy of creating, with no pre-conceived plan or image in mind.

When I am not in my studio at my home in Keller, Texas, you can find me gardening, spending time with my husband and best friend of 30+ years or enjoying other creative pursuits with my two daughters.